Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday Night Open Mic, February 21, 2010

Lach hosted the Open Mic last night. It's always a nice familiar feeling to find the old guy in the driver's seat now and then. The place was crowded as hell last night. According to Lach there were 80 acts signed up.

Here are some notes about just a few of the folks who played (and forgive me if I happened to miss you!)

Brook Pridemore played a new song - "Blood in my mouth, pain in my eyes, I have arrived"

Amanda at the piano played a song about another girl named Amanda who liked her boyfriend.

Richard Chanel (Sp?) played some cool stuff - harmonica and guitar - very Dylan influenced. --

Hank and Pigeon --- I find Morgan Herringer's stuff quite beautiful. She and Alex P. did a lovely set..."When I die will you cut me to pieces and put me in a vegetable garden?"

Albert Goold plays some wild stuff on piano and writes some cool music. His first song was sung with a friend Drew Boy" and they did some cool vocal stuff --overlapping lines, interesting intervals on repeated syllables....lots of ideas streaming from Albert's hands and mind.

Seth of Dufus --- what stood out is that a guy came on stage and poured water into Seth's mouth while he was playing, which Seth used to musical effect by gargling and singing with the water in his throat. Seth's stuff often is a stream of wild vocalizing with a fair amount of gibberish lyrics. It was a nice moment to see Lach and Seth together, something Lach called attention to, because neither of them are on the scene that much these days I gather Seth was a regular some point back.

Dan Costello and Rachel Devlin played a new song - Wo Banana (or Woe Bananan?) which was all about bananas. It was cool....They also did the one "I don't want to die with poison"

Myron the Magnificent pulled coins from the air and from people's ears and caps and glasses. He then turned all the coins into gpld chocolate pieces. Myron performs Friday as part of the Antifolk Fest

It turns out Myron also is a reasonably decent pianist and co-hosted Lach's game show What the Fuck? Jon Berger and Miles were the two contestants (they lost)

Boo Hoo played a song called Woody Allen that seemed to mostly be about a plane crash.

Cal Folger Day did a bluesy tune about that old frisco train.

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