Monday, February 15, 2010

Antifolk Fest

The Antifolk Fest kicks off at the open mic tonight and somehow I find myself writing from Orlando, Florida. Although I can't be there tonight, I am sure I will be hanging out at Sidewalk most nights of the Fest. Looking at the schedule reveals so many shows to look forward to. At the moment, what looks like a highlight to me is the February 20 show with all those fabulous women, including an appearance by Debe Dalton who remains at the heart of the Sidewalk scene even though she has been temporarily stationed in upstate New York. I'm also looking forward to the return of Lance Romance (billed as MILF City). It's been a long while since Mr. Romanace has played Sidewalk. One of the first nights I was there, Lance pounded the piano with his feet during a song about bees.

I also want to make sure to mention my close pal Myron the Magnificent who makes his Sidewalk Cafe debut on the 26th. Myron is a third generation conjurer who will astound you with his feats of legerdemain. Myron has achieved great acclaim on the stages of Las Vegas and at birthday parties and bar mitzvahs across the tri-state area. After some unfortunate problems during a performance of his famous flaming double sword penetration Myron had to take a break from the stage. However now that he's been exonerated of all charges, he returns to amaze you with his feats of wonder.

Take a look at the festival schedule. Ben has done a great job of creating a fest where just about every night holds unusual and rich promise. I will see you there.

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