Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Antifolk Fest, Live, February 16, 2010

I had no intention of doing this but Doug Johnson saw my laptop and said "hey, you liveblogging the Fest?" And after about two seconds I thought--well, why not?

Just saw a cool set by Master Lee. I will write about it in more depth, but I love Master Lee's combination of psychology, and comedy, and personal narrative. It's well-constructed, meaningful stuff.

Before that Larkin Grimm performed a set of stark, beautiful songs, accompanying herself mostly on electric guitar but also on a small harp for one song. On guitar, rather than accompany herself harmonically, she mostly played fuzzed out melodic lines that duplicated or went along with the melodies of her vocals.

Brian Speaker's company is now getting set up for The Mars Chronicles. Brian in his rhinestone gown; Ben Kreiger on synthesizer; Dan Costello, piano; Rachel Devlin, Emily Moment, Ariel Bitran vocals; Scott Loving on guitar; Nate Goheen, bass; John Rubin drums.

Show is starting. More later

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