Saturday, July 23, 2011

Key Lime Pie Reunion and Birthday Blowout, Sidewalk Cafe, August 11

Hey Folks-We've heard your demands. The Key Lime Pie Revue will be back on stage performing all its chart-toppers and funky favorites on August 11 at Sidewalk Cafe. Come check out the new and improved Sidewalk and help with a birthday blowout too! The Key Lime Pie Revue is Ariel Bitran, Trudy Williams, George Boziwick, Marc Steve, and Herb Scher. Dance captain is Jon Berger.

Key Lime Pie Revue
Thursday, August 11, 9 p.m.
94 Avenue A at 6th Street
No cover, drink minimum

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sidewalk/Darwin/Caged Animals

Despite the international news blackout on the subject, I think I am safe in letting you know that the Sidewalk is reopening in August after its five-month renovation. I'm looking forward to seeing what they've done with the old place.

In the meantime Darwin Deez's song Radar Detector is still playing in my head after seeing Darwin and the band play a headlining show to a full house at the Bowery Ballroom last (Friday) night. Darwin also brought along friends like Vin Caccione whose new group Caged Animals opened.

I'm sure the last time I saw Darwin was at Sidewalk, maybe even at a Monday open night. His songs have the same feel as they did back then when he played solo with his homemade backing tracks. Several of the songs are based around guitar riffs that have a light funk feel. But what I hadn't seen was the shape of Darwin's full-length show. Threaded through the performance are some goofy moments, including four or five breaks in which the band performs choreographed dances to recorded tracks. There was also a side trip into rap, and a tune that evolves into a cover of You Can Call Me Al. It's not exactly that Darwin and his band don't take themselves seriously, because I think they really do, but there's a spirit of humor running through the show that adds to its enjoyment. Some of Darwin's songs--particularly Radar Detector and Constellations are infectiously catchy. I really have to congratulate Darwin for where he's gotten with his music. He's getting to perform his stuff for large audiences around the world and it's great to see. It was good to have a chance to say hello to him last night and to see the other Sidewalk folks who were on hand. One of Darwin's partners in playing is our friend Andrew Hoepfner who has been touring with Darwin, most recently on guitar. Andrew seemed to be having a great time on stage last night as did the rest of the group.

It was also exciting to see Vin Caccione along with Magali Charron and his sister Tayla (and a drummer I didn't know) open for Darwin in their group Caged Animals. Vin and his folks were playing rock infused with the sound of electronically processed instruments, a much different sound than Vin's group Soft Black. They reached a high point in the last song of the night when Vin brought things up to a boiling guitar crescendo and the two women sang in a kind of gloriously climactic moment. Vin has a 7 inch disk out on white vinyl that he was selling at the show.

Glad to say it: See you at the Sidewalk.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It was so nice to see everyone yesterday at the Fourth of July spectacular at Goodbye Blue Monday. It feels like it's been forever since there's been a big event that has drawn a large cross section of the community, but I had that great feeling when I arrived yesterday of walking into a place where the vibe of groovy friendship was strong. It was fabulous to see people like Matt, Nan, Dan, Rachel, Brian, Elizabeth, Annabel Lee, Debe, Doug, Isaac, Uchenna, Jen, JJ, Joe Crow, Jon, Brook, Erin, Dan, Erin, Brer, Brent, Mark, Gina, Ray, Adam, Madison, Josh, Ben, Justin, Barry, Amos, Michael, Jason, TPM, Charles, Reginald, Scott, Vin, Luke, Mike, Morgan, Betsy, Mary, and....(yeah, I know I'm probably forgetting someone important...sorry if it's you).

Goodbye Blue Monday has really spruced itself up recently and the backyard area now is a very comfortable place to sit and schmooze with people. So comfortable in fact that I think I did more schmoozing then concentrated music listening. The barbecue that was going on out there was a nice touch too. But there definitely was lots of energy in the performances that were swirling around in the front stage and in the backyard space. Among the performances, most notable for me was seeing Debe Dalton play a set for the first time after her recuperation from her finger injury. Debe played the dojo instead of the banjo, and her show also included the reading of some poetry by Walt Whitman.

So, congrats to Brian and Dan for organizing a great show!

I also managed to stop in briefly at Scapegrace for Sexual Independence Day. It's the first Fourth of July event I've attended that featured dildo-making and naked body painting (along with a backyard kiddie pool and a barbecue). I was glad to get to hear Susan Hwang and Julie Delano, both among my favorite performers, alternate songs in a short set. I believe that Jacinta Mack and Yoko Kikuchi were the main organizers of the event. It was kind of cool that there were two interesting functions going on that involved people connected to the same community. I hope they both continue next year, but if so, maybe the organizers can communicate and find a way to stagger things so more people can go to both...especially since the locations are so close.