Saturday, February 20, 2010

Antifolk Fest, Friday February 19, 2010

As usual I'm getting behind in writing up these Festival shows. I started off doing it live right there at Sidewalk, which I thought would make it easier to keep up--the idea being I could dash out a short post between sets--but so far I'm not as good at dashing out quick items as I would like.

I did, however, want to mention last night's set with the Lookalikes. It was quite a surprise to find that two guys who look so much alike are both also such damn good songwriters. I've always liked Steve Espinola's songs quite a bit but his partner Alex Wolf, it turns out, writes some equally rich stuff. They performed one of Alex's songs about a year he lived in England as an awkward 11 year-old and another great song by Alex that was requested--called Old Man--about his grandparents. Steve also pulled out his electric tennis racquet and masterminded some audience participation, and I think somehow Peter Dizozza even ended up on stage playing on a song. Steve also played some cool piano solos with bits of clashing notes in all the right places. This is the type of show where afterward you go 'I wish I could hear that all over again'. but anyway it stood out as one of the better, more moving sets of the Festival so far. I was halfway to the busstop before I realized I should've bought the Lookalikes cd---Lifeophobia--so I ran back and got it.


  1. Who was that fat fuck who played after the Look a Likes?

  2. what assholes those old guys. we should put them all to sleep....

  3. something tells me Fenton may have posted this, but if not..that was Fenton Lawless.
    He's a guy doing something creative instead of sitting around waiting for your approval.

  4. I was there and Fenton was great. After Fenton there was 3 others acts. Joe Bendik, The Sprinkle Genies and The Humans. One of the best shows of the year!