Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sidewalk in Exile

While renovations are underway at Sidewalk Ben Krieger is bringing the Monday open mic to "A Gathering of Tribes," the same location that hosts Catweazle.

While Ben suggests in his email (run in its entirety below), that he needed something to keep him occupied, I think also there is an organic need for a place to accommodate the intense energy of mass personal expression that has filled Sidewalk week after week on Monday nights.

Here's Ben's email:

Hey Everyone,

Bernard King is right. I lasted exactly 24 hours doing nothing before I lost my mind.

While the Sidewalk is closed for renovations (I was sent some crazy demolition shots that I'll post soon), a "scaled down version" of the Monday event will be held at A Gathering of the Tribes. Many of you know this place as the home of Catweazle and the exiled Post Script Coffee House. Steve Cannon has been gracious enough to host us for a bit while the SWalk is being refaced.

You know the part in Goodfellas where they are all in jail, cut off from their normal life, but still making do with what they have and stirring the sauce? THAT is what this will be like.

Sign-up is at 7:30. The event will start at 8pm, one song for all, and we'll start around the list again if we need to. The event officially ends at 10, but people usually hang out to enjoy themselves for a good bit after that.

There is no cover for performers. The tip jar will support Steve-and I strongly encourage you bring some money to support this great guy-with non-performers encouraged to donate $5. There is no liquor license at this apartment and I will have cans of PBR in a cooler for guests. If you would like to have someone hold your beer while you throw me a few bucks to support my temp unemployment, that's cool. Please don't plan on partaking if you are under 21.

If you really stick it out to the end, there will be hot tea as usual.

Please spread the word to any regulars or SWalk alumni you know who may be interested. It will be over before you know it, so say you were there!

A Gathering of the Tribes
285 East 3rd St, 2nd Floor
(between Avenues C and D)

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