Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking News...

Just got word that Sidewalk will be closed for 6 weeks and all acts in that period will be cancelled. Evidently the issue has to do with renewal of the club's liquor license, and while that is being worked out Sidewalk will take the opportunity to conduct renovations. This will include some updates to the sound system and backline as well as some new decorating work by Mr. Krieger. I'm pleased to hear he will be conducting research at the Bernard King Antifolk Archive (BKAA for short) in search of historic Sidewalk posters to decorate the club.

Here is the email announcement from Ben that summarizes the latest news:

Hey Everyone,

As of today, Tuesday March 1, the Sidewalk is closed for renovations and will be open again in mid April. ALL shows and events until mid April are CANCELED. This email is being sent to all acts who are affected by this sudden news. It was sudden to me as well (I found out last night).

We will be upgrading the club's backline, sound system and back room. Heavy renovations will be done to the bar and restaurant area.

I am actively answering my emails, booking May onward. If you need to contact me in order to reschedule your show for the spring, please do so.

I can also provide you with a fuller story regarding this news if you are curious.

UPDATES WILL BE POSTED ON THE SIDEWALK WEBSITE, including any news regarding Monday's regular open stage.

On behalf of the Sidewalk, I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Believe me, I can sympathize - I'm out of work and pay for 6 weeks I wasn't planning on.

Let's be in touch and I'll see you on the other side. The silver lining on this is a big one - renovating and upgrades are always fun.



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