Monday, September 28, 2009

Up until now I haven't run any photos in this blog, which may seem strange, considering that photography is one of my main pastimes. However I always thought of this as a kind of quick and dirty scratchboard to get down initial impressions of performances so there is a record for the future of what's going on in the Sidewalk Community. However, recently I've become even more interested in photography and so thought this blog could evolve some, and in part be a showcase for some of the pictures I've taken. So, I'll probably rely more on images, at least in cases where they relate to the general topic of the blog. I also might write more about photographic topics in general, but again I'll try to make sure that at least in some sense they relate to the Sidewalk-ish community.

So, here are a few more photos from the Library event that I wrote about in a previous post. They feature the Debutante Hour, Corn Mo, and Preston Spurlock. Unfortunately, even though Phoebe Kreutz also performed in that show, my camera was acting wacky and I didn't get any decent pictures of her. (I see I'm going to have to fool around with how you get a reasonable layout using photos--but for now they seem to be clumped up in the first paragraph.)

By the way, about the Debutatne Hour, I headed out to hear them last night down at Banjo Jim's. Despite the sort of low-key energy in the audience, I thought they sounded great. They are very polished on their harmonies which sound gawgeous, particularly when all three members are singing. The addition of Mia on cello really helps round out the sound. And their songs are really good. Susan Hwang and Maria Sonevytsky are the other two members. Ben Krieger made a random appearance at Banjo Jims, popping in while on the way to another show. I also stopped by Sidewalk for a minute to get just a whiff of Purple Organ (that is not meant as some sort of weird innuendo). I'm a big fan. I wish I could have stayed....

Won't be able to make it to the Open Mic tonight. Some sort of atonement is going on today among members of my faith. Will see you next time.

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