Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday Night Open Mic, September 7, 2009

Turned around and saw a familiar face behind the sound board. It was ole Lach himself for a moment or two during Ben K's first song. Good to see him there, if only for a minute. Caught Lach later in an intense Scrabble game with Joe Crow.

Ben started off with Sting-Ra and Birdies and Cars (which featured a musical quote from London Bridge).

Big Hat was a group that included Alex P along with some friends of his I didn't know. I liked their country/folk feel, which was strongest on the first song. During the second--which featured a different singer (and Alex P on slide guitar)--the electricity went out and the group carried on acoustically till the lights came back. Alex P's electric guitar wasn't of much use through that but otherwise they kept playing. I'm always impressed by Alex, though, at least when there's electricity at hand. Really nice guitar work.

Ryan Phillips, was a first timer who played.

A guy named Beau played a somewhat gruesome song about the jungle and running from men in dashikis.

Peru Peru was a five-person group from France---bass, vocal/casio, percussion, keyboard, female vocalist. I couldn't really get the gist of what they were trying to do. There was a kind of chanting thing going on in the second song..."doesn't matter-what's the matter." It was all a bit overly loose and didn't quite gel for me.

Morgan made a request for the disco lights, which Ben turned on, even though they aren't exactly right for her sensitive, quiet songs. Morgan's stuff is gorgeous--skillfully written and beautifully played (uke is her main instrument). Sometimes I wish she'd throw in a rocker though....

Crazy and the Brains usually seem to reflect a strong Sex Pistols influence although Monday it seemed like Mick Jagger was coming to the fore. It was just one member of the group....

Lach played Stunned and an interesting song about gangsters in the family.

Joe Bendik was up with a rock version of Beethoven and Malltown.

The Fools played to promote their residency this month. I love everything about the Fools. I think their songs are great and I love Jen's guitar work and singing. However, sometimes what stands out most of all is the beautiful tone of Uchenna's bass and her tasteful playing.

Julia and Ben from Olympia, Washington played...nice harmonies.

Being that it was Labor Day and I hadn't been at work, I showed up in casual duds as opposed to my usual suit and tie. Contrary to popular belief I don't actually sleep in a suit or wear one on the weekends or when hanging around the house. During those times you just might find me in a t-shirt and jeans.

I texted Debe D. during the night to give her the Monday update. But then I left fairly early again. I'm sure there was wonderful music as the night went on

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