Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Night Open Mic, August 31, 2009

My return--after a couple weeks away. It seemed like a long time somehow. I often feel that I'm going to come back after being away for a while and everything will be different. All of a sudden the Open Mic will be hosted by somebody I've never met and all the faces will be different...kind of like an alternative world Sidewalk Open Mic.

But no, there were familiar faces all over the place and it was good to see everyone, even though things seemed a bit off kilter without Debe D.

I didn't get to stay around that late, but here is what I did see:

It seemed like kind of a quiet night when I arrived. A line did quickly build up but still with Labor Day upon us and people not quite back to school, etc. I think it was a little less crowded than usual.

Ben K. kicked things off with Sting Ra and a song called Hey Mr. Hitman, which he said he hadn't played in 10 years.

Jordan Levinson was up with a new song that she said came to her in a dream...."My heart is in the city but my love is country bound," sung with Jordan's lovely country-styled vocals.

A piano playing guy from a band called Wiley Toms played a song inspired by a New Orleans funeral march (although the song didn't sound like a New Orleans funeral march.

The New Students sang a song with nice vocal harmonies that was maybe called "My Caroline." A little James Taylor-esque. Their second song they said was a response to hearing a Pete Seeger show and had more of a real folky feel.

Kyle Maler went on stage and played while wearing his bike helmet. Guess we all need whatever protection we can find. The song had something about counting calories in it.

The Fools were up and played a couple songs to promote their residency this month, including their song "Open Door." I do love the Fools.

I ran into "Rob" who has started coming back to the Open Mic after a hiatus of 25 years or something like that. "Rob" hung out in one of Lach's clubs that was a predecessor to Sidewalk. I'm sorry I wasn't there last week when he played the first time and that I couldn't hang out Monday to hear him. But I know I will soon.

That's it for now. Easing my way back in. More next time.

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