Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Web Sites-A-Poppin

The sidewalk music calendar went up today on Ben Krieger's sidewalkmusic.net site, and Sidewalk the restaurant launched its own site at sidewalkny.com. It's good to have these sites up, finally, like 'whew, things are back to normal.' There's a full list of performers up for the Sidewalk stage, showing in a new easy-to-read calendar format, and, although the restaurant's site doesn't have too much info, it does have the complete menu. While the food choices are almost entirely new (so long to my veggie penne) it has the same kind of feel as what was available at the old Sidewalk with a variety of moderately priced sandwich, salad, and breakfast choices as well as a selection of entrees. I was a little worried for a second that Sidewalk was trying to go upscale on us, but honestly the menu seems to offer a good range of selections, and while the prices of things have gone up a little bit, for the most part they seem pretty fair. There are many fewer choices altogether--for example no more omelettes, no more nachos, no falafel, no black bean burger (but Jon Berger gets to keep his Chicken Schnitzel).

There's a clear link from the restaurant site to the music site, but I wonder if having two separate sites isn't a little confusing for the end user than if it all had been integrated into one overall Sidewalk site--or at least if the sites looked as if they were related.

Well, I hope word is getting around about tomorrow night's opening celebration. I'll bet it will be a fun one. See you there.

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