Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sidewalk All-Star Extravaganza - Wednesday

Here are the details regarding Sidewalk's Opening Celebration tomorrow night. It's a nice bill of folks, and I'M looking forward to the show, but I assume people will also be coming by to check out the new joint and try some of the paper-baked tilapia. I wonder if they got the Debe Dalton plaque back in place. And, ahem, a reminder that some of us are playing later in the week, like even the following night (scroll down the page for details). See you Wednesday.

Sidewalk Opening Celebration
Wednesday, August 10 at 7:00pm - Thursday at 12:00am
Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A at 6th Street

An army of artists from the NYC antifolk scene celebrate the second coming of Sidewalk. Each perform will play 2 songs, open mike-style, and then we'll open up the stage for a one song wonder round that will go until it ends or they kick us out. To sign up for the one song wonder round, just show up and see Ben at the sound booth.

Performances in the first part by (in no particular order):

Emily Hope Price
Bible Gun
Prewar Yardsale
Phoebe Kreutz
Steve Espinola
Rav Shmuel
Dan Costello
Emily Einhorn
Brook Pridemore
Sam Grossman
Jack Dishel
Charles M
Erin Regan
Dan Penta
Morgan Heringer
Mr. Patrick
Joe Bendik
M Lamar
Bernard King
Debe Dalton
Give to Light (Andrew H)
Elizabeth Devlin
Jon Berger

Each artist will perform two songs. An open 1-SONG WONDER ROUND will follow at 11pm til late.

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