Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tonight: Debe Dalton's Birthday - with Myron the Magnificent

I'm very excited about Debe Dalton's birthday celebration tonight. It's a great bill all around and kicks off at 7:30 with an appearance by Myron the Magnificent. Myron, as you may know, is the magician who has recently turned up at Sidewalk to make his comeback after an unfortunate incident with swords and fire temporarily forced him from his home theatre in Las Vegas. However thanks to the good work of his attorney, Ira Blitz, Myron is back ready to astound and amaze you.

It's a stellar night all around with some of Sidewalk's most interesting acts out to pay tribute to Ms. Dalton. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, March 14
Sidewalk Cafe
Debe Dalton's Birthday Celebration

7:30-Myron The Magnificant, 8-Gillian Visco, 8:40-Barry Bliss, 9:15-Susan Hwang, 10-Debe Dalton, 11-Ching Chong Song

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