Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Debe Dalton's Birthday Show, Sunday, March 14

Debe Dalton's seat has been labeled in bronze. I think it was Master Lee and Rick Patrick who took care of that. Now there's a little Debe Dalton plaque on the wall down front. Well, we all KNEW it was Debe Dalton's seat anyway, but now it's official.

It was a fun night all around Sunday at Debe's birthday show, with some nice performances.

Myron the Magnificient kicked things off with his amazing magic--Myron is still refining his act a little and one new trick truly flopped. But the rest of the show seemed to go well. A highlight was making a signed handkerchied disappear from the stage and then reappear inside a salt shaker on a table in the middle of the room. How'd you do it Myron? As always the lovely Vera Lynn assisted.

Gillian Visco was next. I hadn't seen Gillian play in a while, but I don't remember her playing electric guitar, which is what she used the other night. Gillian played a series of lovely, kind of mellow songs, including Floatation Devices and The Front Row, which was a request from Debe. I need to check out Gillian's stuff further, but some her songs have some quite rich and poetic lyrics. She does a lot of kind of finger pick-y stuff on the guitar for accompaniment.

Barry Bliss played his cool biography song, with all the details of his life. He had another one called American Dream....a sort of ironic song about the state of things. He also played a song about Rasputin and one about becoming free. Barry looked a little like Rasputin the other night.

Susan Hwang played a great set. Her songs are very strong and her singing is amazing. Even though I've heard most of her songs numerous times, I was still noticing new things in the lyrics--particularly in this song Parking.

Debe started with a Carter Family song, "Over the Garden Wall." She sang "Close the Door" as a duet with Susan. She did the best version of her song Tuesday, Wednesday that I can remember's one that I love. Other songs: Normal, Ed's Song, Oh Susannah, Butcher's Boy, and Crackle (?) a new song about missing her friends while she's stationed out of town. My love for Debe's songwriting and performing knows no bounds, as I've written before. Her show the other night was again evidence why.

Ching Chong Spng also played a great set. Their stuff is so incredibly musical. They were in trio form the other night with Dan, Julie and Susan (making her appearance in the fourth set of the night). Madeleine, MIning, Rorissa, Dreaming, and Old Man were some of the songs they played.

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