Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monday Night Open Mic, January 18, 2010

Monday marked the Sidewalk debut of magician Myron the Magnificent. Myron comes from a long line of magicians, going back to his grandfather, Mervyn the Magnificent, who was famous as the "King of Conjuring" in vaudeville stages in the 1920s and 30s. More about Myron in a minute.

Ben K kicked things off with a song about Darwin and then did Sting Ra.

Livening things up between sets was Corry, the puppet.

Level 2 played Excellent Choice and Runt of the Litter, two songs from the puppet extravaganza Love is Mud which Level 2 is performing over 4 nights starting later in the week. Nice songs. The melody of Runt of the Litter is definitely stuck in my head...

Brian Speaker also performed The Landing, a song from his epic, The Mars Chronicles. Brian also played another song at the piano...

The Fools introduced a cool new song...

I'd met John Murdock, but never seen him perform until the other night. John works making erotic balloons at Lucky Cheng's, a drag restaurant in New York, and his act draws on stories from his experiences there. Monday he focused on stories about opening and running Lucky Cheng's in Las Vegas. Pretty interesting and entertaining stuff.

Dibs-It was a nice suprise to see Dibs who I hadn't run into at the Open Mic in a while. Dibs played two really cool songs, Egg & Sea (not sure if that's the title) and Nathaniel.

Laura Bridget played a couple nice songs on piano. One of them was a tribute to her friend who had commited suicide.

Myron the Magnificent explained that because of a recent unfortunate incident with his flaming double sword penetration act he had to take a hiatus from the stage. But now, upon his return, he is performing the much safer double rope penetration. Myron then proceeded to demonstrate pulling two ropes straight through the body of a volunteer from the audience. Myron appears February 26 at the Antifolk Festival.

NIck Nace played a nice bluesy song--"take time in the morning for me"

Kate Lovejoy read a poem.

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