Saturday, January 9, 2010

Elastic No No Band CD Release at Brooklyn Tea Party, January 8, 2010

Last night was the CD release show for Elastic No No Band's album Fustercluck at Brooklyn Tea Party. The album is an epic compilation of Justin's songs, (with some covers mixed in). There was more male pants dropping and shirt removing than I usually enjoy in an evening out, but it was a fun night with sets by Joe Crow Ryan, Thomas Patrick Maguire, Schwervon and Elastic No No.

Playing piano as an accompanist with ENB is a different experience for me than most of the other things I do. After a long time aborbing the form of the songs, I finally started getting an instinct for some more interesting musical ideas, especially ways to transition between chords. Last night I was trying to add some variety to the chord playing by putting in these ascending chords, like say when you move from B7 at the end of a verse to E maj at the top of the next. But you can't really do this sort of thing on the fly. Just now I was playing around with it at home and it sounds a lot better using diminished chords. Like: B7, then Db, D, Eb (all diminished) and then to the home chord E. This requires a ton of practice, and then you'd like to be able to do it in all keys. I wish there was a Sidewalk Cafe piano players forum or something. I'd love to be able to talk over some of these things or exchange ideas. Any piano players out there want to geek out on this stuff?


  1. I'll join the forum, but I still hang out on the white keys. It's not a racist thing.

  2. We need Steve Espinola or Peter D. to lead us.

  3. Nice entry, although your headline has 2 bizarre errors. The show was at Brooklyn Tea Party in 2010.