Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tonight and Saturday

I am on the bill on two interesting shows this week.

The first is the Bushwick Book Club's year-end show, tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday.

As you undoubtedly know, each month the Bushwick Book Club shows are focused on songs inspired by a particular book. Tonight's show draws highlights from the whole year of performances.

I think I'm like most of the participants in the project who appreciate having an imposed deadline for writing a song. Sometimes you feel blocked or uninspired, but when that deadline rolls around somehow you manage to pull out some stuff. I know that I've always been surprised and pleased by what has emerged in response to the books I've read. I give Susan Hwang a lot of credit for starting and running the Book Club. A lot of cool things have come out of it, including many interesting songs.

Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway (JMZ to Myrtle or J to Kosciusko)

On the bill tonight are:
Ben Krieger, Dave Novak, Dibs, Jonathan Vincent, Toby Goodshank, Phoebe Kreutz, Dan Costello, Laura Brenneman, Rachel Devlin, Joe Crow Ryan, Herb Scher, Susan Hwang, Corn Mo, Maria Sonevytsky, Natti Vogel and Sweet Soubrette

Then, on Saturday, I'll be playing The Debutante Hour's Variety Show Telethon Bash

I am really looking forward to this evening, which is is a fundraising event to support The Debutante Hour's next recording. Susan Hwang and I are performing a mini-reprise of The Susan and Herb Show and there will be many other great acts on the bill, performing everything from accordions to comedy to bluegrass to juggling to opera to unicycling to ukulele-ing to magic.

Saturday, December 5, 7 p.m.
140 2nd Ave. (at 9th St.)
$!0 at the door
The performers: Corn Mo, The Wowz, Phoebe Kreutz, Sweet Soubrette, Rachel Feinstein, Herb Scher, Michael Richter, Victor Varnado, Annie from Opera on Tap, The Orange Teardrops (Amy Kohn and Finni Galdialo), Marti Newland, Kung Fu Crimewave, Old Hat, Grits and Harmony, Jonathan Vincent

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