Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Night Open Mic, November 30, 2009

I will have to admit that I was a prettty unfocused in my attention to the music last night. I did keep poking my head in the back room and caught bits of performances by Ben K, Jordan Levinson, Brian Speaker, Charles Mansfield, Aaron Invisible, and some guy named Lach, However, I was mostly roaming and chatting with folks before taking off kind of early.

I hung out a bit with Lach and Brian as they got into their Scrabble game out front. Folks like Pablo Das and Jim Flynn gathered round as did Rebecca Seatle and Jon Berger. Just as I was heading out I got into an interesting conversation downstairs with Jason Trachtenberg. At last Monday's Open Mic Jason was playing some tricked-out piano parts and he mentioned something from the stage about how he felt he was channeling Peter Dizozza. I really enjoyed the Dizozza reference, especially since I figured there were only a few people around who would get it considering Peter hasn't been hanging out on the scene much lately. In any event, when I mentioned this to Jason we got into an interesting conversation about playing piano and about exactly how Jason got involved with and learned music as a kid.

Thinking about Peter Dizozza also got me nostalgic for the old "What the Fuck" game show segments that Lach used to do (which I mentioned to Lach last night). That used to be one of my favorite parts of the evening and I loved it when Peter would co-host at the piano. I took the trivia questions seriously and always tried hard to get to be one of the contestants. I think I only won a prize once though, which was a bag of drum tools and parts. Later on, when Peter wasn't around, Lach would ask me to co-host, but I was never as good as Peter and also I always kind of wished that I could still be trying to answer the questions.

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