Friday, May 8, 2009

Monday Night Open Mic, May 4, 2009

Maybe it was me but I thought things were kind of sluggish the other night. I guess it happens occasionally. 

I was glad to finally get a chance to hear Barry Bliss, who I'd heard a lot about in the last few years but who had been living out of town until recently. Barry did a song called Do Not Call On Jesus, at the piano. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Barry's show the following night, but I look forward to hearing a full set sometime soon.

I was also glad to hear Jen's Revenge who told me that she hung out at Sidewalk for a long time in the 90s. She said she first encountered Lach when he was hosting an open mic briefly at a place called Rainbow on St. Marks. Well, that's another location to add to the list. According to Jen Lach might have only run things there for a few weeks. In any event, Jen performed a very funny song that integrated the catcalls and remarks she hears yelled at her on the street as well as pick-up lines she's encountered.

Other stuff/people: Liv Carrow, JT Hathaway, Enid Ellen (with white dots of facial makeup and a shirt shredded in strips), Christopher Kelly, Jon Berger, Richard Ringer (told of breaking into a friend's residence to steal back his own cap), Touching You (sang a lovely song about how 'humans are shit' and made the case that he's the smartest person on earth), Josh Fox, followed by his dad Howard Fox (who I believe sang "My Way"), Poez.

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