Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ben Godwin, Thusday, May 14, 2009

I stopped in to catch Ben Godwin's set on Thursday. Ben was in town from London with his wife Dawn and cute baby Calliope. Ben was part of the regular crew there for a long while and eventually we ended up having some fun times when he played bass with me in the Key Lime Pie Revue. Ben is a really good musician and he picked up the tunes we played quickly and really helped me realize my rock and roll dreams in what amounted to my first band. So thanks for that Ben. He was also one of the first portrait subjects when I renewed my interest in photography, and I always loved the shots we did at the Museum of Natural History (one of which can be seen here).I remember when we did those shots that we were worried we might get kicked out of the musuem. Eventually a security guard did come up to us......and gave us advice about how to get better shots!

Ben played some new songs, including a couple written for his daughter about toes and such. He also returned to some of his classic material like Skin and Bones. I'm always impressed by Ben's guitar playing and he did some nice work on a couple quieter tunes that had a bit of a jazzy feel to them. Ben played a big red electric guitar that he borrowed from a friend and he also had another friend of his sitting in on a stripped down drum kit for several songs. It was great to see Ben, Dawn, and Calliope, although I was sorry I couldn't catch up with them more and also that I had to cut out before seeing the rest of that night's sets.

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