Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, almost a whole week went by before I got to writing up last Monday's Open Mic. I think I really underestimated how burned out I was by attending all those Fest shows. I stopped by the on Monday but made it an early night. Here's what I did catch, though....

Ben made his usual introductions....this time though he offered a free beer to anyone who could provide him with access to a charger for his Verizon phone. I don't know, but I don't think that's how they did things at Cafe Wha? and The Gaslight, back in the day.

Liam started things off, whith a song that involved some looped whistling, although he later indicated he was having problems with his loop machine. He also sang an a cappella song.

Debe played this song of hers that I love..."the sturggle to be a better human being." She also played another of her great songs, "Normal." Debe also mentioned her upcoming birthday show, which is coming up this Saturday, March 14.

Isaac Gillespie played...a song that had the lines "no we don't smoke marijuana.." and "we are New York Jews." Anyway, I could swear he sang "we are New York Jews." Maybe it's on his mother's side.

Jordan Levinson then played, with Isaac at piano. It's a song I've heard a few times now and the melody is starting to stick in my head..."calloused hands and everything I want it to never spoke well but I always had a lot to depend on." Jordan really really reminds me of this singer Iris Dement (maybe I said this before). It's kind of a take on a style of traditional country singing that starts with Patsy Cline.

Ben Lerman got up and did some schtick explaining that he's a musical comedian, and talking about his weekly comedy show, Borscht. He sang a song he said he wanted to submit to the American Idol songwriting contest, called "The Idol in Me." It was a rather double-entendre filled little number that had a lot of folks in the audience cracking up. He also sang a song called "I Need a W" for a character: The Coach.

A guy named John Farrell(?) played some cool slide guitar stuff. Shauna played piano.

Brook P. did his song I'll Be Here All Night. Jon Berger was reading from his P. C> He did a poem called Tea (among others).

John Telethon played Driving Around with Josh Fox on tambourine. One of the metal disks on the tambourine flew off and nearly hit me in the eye. That's some pretty powerful tambourine work, Josh.

Isaac G joined John on stage to play Too Many Trains. Baglivi was up next. Before leaving the stage John Telethon whipped off a perfect Mike Baglivi riff on the guitar. Baglivi's two sisters were there and he played a song about their Mom, called Mary Rose.

I think I checked out right about then.

I'm finishing this up on Saturday night and am about to take off to hear Debe Dalton play her birthday show. 

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