Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday Open Mic, March 16, 2009

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the Open Mic this past Monday. Ben Krieger to the rescue.

by Ben Krieger
Monday night was great, for those of you who weren't there. Slow...and by slow I mean 50 people and my set started around 1:20. I gave two gigs and invited several people back next week so we can "hear more." Solid night of performances as well. There was a French film crew there working on a youth culture documentary. Of course they were picking out some of the best-looking, thinnest performers in attendance and interviewing them out front. Which is great for those acts, but I found it funny that they missed out on Colin ABV (self-proclaimed "bigger and blacker") as he took the stage and blew my mind with the best performance of the night. Colin is like a Big Black J Mascis...a fantastic writer. The French missed out, but then when was the last time you heard a great French act outside of Magma? Fuck the French. And the mice!

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