Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest Continues, Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Even by Tuesday I was starting to experience Antifolk Fest Fatigue. I caught Jon Berger's and Liv Carrow's sets but I am sure I missed some good stuff after that.

Jon was performing again with his friend Sanjay on guitar and Jon on yes.....vocals. It was a singing and pacing Jon Berger again. He recited some too. Among the pieces performed were "27 times I've asked you to go out with me....27 times you had to say no," and one called The Deli in which Jon says something like "where you were the hotdog and I was the fry." He also did "My Name is Jon Berger ("and I think I can dance," and "I don't live with my mother," etc.). I do remember Jon singing "no one's special, no one gets a free hat." Then Jon talked about having a cock in his mouth ("ever had one of those cravings") and also got into a funny riff where even though he'd stumbled his way to the end of the last song he kept talking, explaining that he was continuing because he just didn't want to get off the stage. It was just a brief moment but really like seeing Jon indulge himself in the joy of hogging the stage.

Liv Carrow sang her song Madame Rosie (about a psychic) and then later also talked about about her interest in astrology and such saying that while she only had a dilettante's knowledge in some areas, if she read your tarot cards, she'd know everything about you. Anyway, I like that Madame Rosie song, but it's interesting to see how people find themselves involved in these arts of extra-perception. I'm pretty skeptical myself, but hey, maybe I should get Liv to read my cards I could use some insight....Liv also sang a new song which said "the wind has blown me up here, over and over years after year," and she had one full of winter and storm imagery . She sang Red Lentils, which is one of my favorite's of hers and another song that had a line "I wish I was a bird, but not so I could fly, but because birds don't pull over and cry when humans die." 

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  1. stop describing and listing. how did the artists make you feeeeeeeeeel? who woke you up and why? who pissed you off and why? enough with the "and then, and then this, and then that"