Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest

Hey. Whaddaya know? The Antifolk Fest is almost upon us. That's the Fortified Winter Antifolk Festival 2009 folks and don't you forget it. The Fest is an intense and highly concentrated week of the performers representing the state of the scene. As usual every night seems to be one that can't be missed. I count something like 84 or 85 acts scheduled during the run of the Fest.

Highlights? Seriously it's a great bill all around, but here are some shows I'm looking forward to.

First off, Diane Cluck is playing on February 20, directly following Debe Dalton. Diane's appearances in New York have been rare lately. She was on the scene before my time and I have only seen her play once or twice but she is an original, softly-spoken, emotionally rich performer. In a 1-2 combo with Debe Dalton, it should be a nice night (coincidentally it's the same evening I am playing-so come early!).

Another name from the past who I've never seen perform is Grey Revell. I've heard some of his songs on MySpace and am looking forward to his show also on the 25th. He plays the same evening as Shilpa Ray, who should not be missed.

Geez-there's so much good stuff here. Steve Espinola is a personal favorite of mine on a bill packed with great folks the final night. 

In general, I am looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends who haven't been around in a while. You might want to check out the Creaky Boards, Soft Black combo on the 19th, for example.

If you are planning on making a marathon of the Fest and coming to all or many of the nights, here are some tips for making it through the long evenings and the long week.

1) Bring a bottle of water and maybe a power bar or something like that.
2) Bring singles. You will undoubtedly want to tip and why worry about getting change?
3) Bring something to sit on. Those benches and seats can get hard, man. Don't they make official Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest pillows.
4) Cheap stuff on the menu: Eggs! And I think the falafel appetizer is $5 (comes with bread and tahini). But prices have crept up recently, haven't they?

I'll see you there.



  1. "Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest pillows."
    Brilliant idea Herb, remind next time around ;-)

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