Saturday, December 11, 2010


In a comment attached to my last post--someone asked where I've been these days (thanks very much for inquiring, by the way). Well, I guess the short answer is that I've been here but haven't really been getting out so much recently. I think this is a temporary situation, maybe a break from the nights out and the long travels to far flung venues. Also, I have been focused these days on trying to create a place in a new freelance profession and that is taking a lot of my mental energy. And I guess there seems to come a time for most folks who pass through the Sidewalk force field when the excitement of all that expressive energy settles down a little. I don't see a time in the near future when that world is not a significant focus for me, and I'm definitely not giving up on keeping the thread of this blog going. But yes, after six or seven years of deep immersion, other things have captured my attention too--spending more time on photography and trying to get inside the head of that crafty conjuror, Myron the Magnificent.

I always hoped that from time to time other folks would contribute here too. This board is definitely open to any kind of reporting, profiles, reviews, short comments, rants, or musing that anyone wants to send in, provided there is at least some connection to the scene surrounding or emanating from or once related to Sidewalk. If you go to a show and have a few thoughts about it, feel free to share them here. (I guess just sending me what you want to put up is the best way to go about it).

Ok, more soon. Go write a song.

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