Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Night Open Mic, April 12, 2010

Isaac Gillespie filled in as host for Ben K. last night. After showing some nerves during a bit of a wobbly monologue, Isaac did great, nicely handling the introductions and transitions with the proper amount of humor, banter, and forward motion.

The first act after Isaac was Bird to Prey--a gal who sang some captivating, gentle songs. From a quick Google search it looks as if Bird to Prey is Sarah Turk, originally hailing from Freemantle, Australia. One of her songs was a nice one called Peppertree Road. Check her out on MySpace.

Larkin Grimm is another performer I'd describe as captivating. Isaac noticed she was playing a 12-string electric guitar. Larkin has an unusual style that impresses me every time I see her play.

Next up --Giant Chink --Yes, Master Lee and Touching You are back with another band name. This one was focused as a Heavy Metal group. Master Lee was wearing a dramatic looking red fur and belting out a lot of "songs." He ended his set by saying "we don't rehearse."

Woodford Green - a guy/gal duo from England was next. Some nice tunes with her on accordion and he playing trumpet, guitar and ukulele.

Talia was back. Talia said "I'm Talia, I'm 12 years old, and I'm a musician." Talia's first song was "Never Been Kissed." Then she sng a song that she said she wrote " When I WAS in love." The song was Tornadoes. Gosh--the 12 year olds seem to have a lot of perspective on love these days.....maybe it was always like that and I just don't remember.

Eric -- nice stuff on piano - a good vibe

Yea for The Fools. I love The Fools.

Taylor Wagner had problem tuning her guitar, even with an electric tuner--She talked about how much it sucked being a waitress and then sang a song about it. She kind of belted her songs--at least at moments-- I'm sure we'll hear more from her.

Ben Pagano plays some nice bluesy piano. He did the sort of bluesy standard Hot Tamales and Red Hot.

I walked in to hear the conclusion of a song performed by Faye. Very cool thing where she was playing a kind of repeated chord riff while doing some very cool sort of wild vocals over it. Then she sang an a cappella song. Faye definitely has some interesting ideas going on. Hope to see her again too.

The Essentials -a duo of two guys on acoustic guitars.

As usual I wish I could have stayed around longer. Anyone else want to comment on the rest of the evening?

See you next time.

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