Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Night Open Mic, June 22, 2009

It's a week later and I'm just getting around to putting something up about last Monday. One thing that stands out is that I finally saw the puppet stage in action. A mandolin made into a puppet appeared between sets offering goofy commentary on a variety of things. Does the puppeteer want to remain anonymous? I'll have to determine that before revealing who it was, even though everyone who was there already knows.... It will be interesting to see where things go with Sidewalk's new venture into this territory. It was a little odd, actually, to me, to see the puppets sharing the stage with the musicians, but, like many other things, I'll probably get used to it and after a while wonder how we ever lived without it.

In the meantime, back to the music. The Young Dads played a song that the said was in the style of Nickelback, something about the prettiest princess you will ever see...and then they played one about circumcision. Probably one of the few songs, maybe the only one, written on that topic, actually.

Don McCloskey was on hand. I can't remember seeing him at the Open Mic in quite a long time. Don is almost always on the bill of the Antifolk Fest, but I must have not been around at the time he was a regular. Anyway, it was good to see him. He played a song called, I think, Cold World.

Mike Baglivi and Ariel performed....songs from their band The Open End.

Chloe did some standup/storytelling, whatever you might call her work. Chloe's stuff is genuinely funny. At one point she did a bit about how Mike Baglivi offered to let her live in his parents' basement in case she needed a place to stay while working out any you know, residency matters. Chloe threw in some impersonations of Mike, and it was interesting to hear what Mike Baglivi might sound like with a Scottish accent.

Our good friend Lach appeared and played. Nice to see him as well. Hesitant was one of the songs. I hope to get in on the Scrabble game one of these days...

Julie Everyone--something like "Where Did My Burrito Go?"

Rachel Trachtenburg and her hula-hooping posse appeared again playing covers of Something and "Death of a Clown," by the Kinks.

Daniel Bernstein-Don't Treat Me Bad

Jordan Levinson played what she said was one of her older songs which I think was something like "I Have Never Seen Such Loveless Eyes.

Sheesh-this is a pretty sketchy write-up--but sometimes that's the way it flows I suppose....

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  1. Herb, thanks for the write up but from here on out its HEROES OF THE OPEN END.

    look out for us back at the Sidewalk on both the 15th and 17th (Joe Crow Ryan's album release), featuring new members!