Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It was a low key evening this past Monday. Hard to know why some weeks the sign-up line is out the door and others it's kind of quiet. It was nice to see Juviley back at the Open Mic after a long time. I've always liked his really mellow vibe. One of the standout acts to me was this guy Rashad, a young guy who played some really strong traditional blues. He was an excellent guitarist, but it's always interesting to me when younger folks tie into traditional music. On second thought, I don't know why I even wonder about that since I was into all kinds of weird older stuff when I was young (and still am). So there. Good music is good music. But speaking of traditional music, that brings to mind the Relatives, who played as a duo Monday (Gabriel wasn't there so Ian and Katie carried on without him). I'm always glad to point out an appearance by Mike Boner who sang about someone for whom "bondage turned him on." The Young Dads cracked everyone up as usual with a new song. Somehow I ended up hanging around until late in the night. I caught Domino, Octavio, and Robyn at the end of the open mic as well as Lady Bright. And by the way, in the area of news, I heard that change is afoot at Brooklyn Tea Party. Interesting.

I'm heading out to Preston's art show at Max Fish now. Really looking forward to that.


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