Saturday, November 1, 2008

I ♥ Boo, Friday, October 31, 2008

Lots of folks were excited about the I ♥ Boo show (although every time I said "I ♥ Boo"  it made me think of kindergarten for some reason). I was very much looking forward to singing the song by Ching Chong Song that I chose. Lots of people seemed a little nervous too, about getting the songs right, whether or not to use lyric sheets, etc.  Not sure if I know the actual names of all the songs, but here's a rundown of the show:

Ben Krieger, The Bird, by Brian Speaker, dressed in a big black afro with a  gold medallion

Elisa Flynn, In the Graveyard, by Nina Nastasha (?), dressed in cat ears

Elastic No-No Band, a medley of several songs, including New York City Girls, Lesbian Prom Night, I've Been Listening to Some Bad Bad Music, Podcorn, and I Want to Live in the Hills, dressed as a green alien

Liv Carrow, a song by Barry Bliss, dressed as a bee

Ariel Bitran, Egg by Lach, dressed as three eras of Lach

Peter Dizozza, You're the One Who's Made for Me and I was Made for You, by the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, dressed as Don Quixote (?)

Eli Manescalco, Heath Ledger Found Dead in Brooklyn by Dan Costello, dressed as Eli Manescalco

Herb Scher, Old Man by Ching Chong Song, dressed as Brian Speaker

Brian Speaker, I'll be Here All Night, by Brook Pridemore, dressed as Herb Scher

Domino, Come and Let Your Feelings Show, by Somer, dressed in a Halloween get-up with a pointy Halloween hat

Amos, You're a Legend in Your Own Mind by Ish Marquez, dressed as ??

Debe Dalton, Teenage Alcoholic by Lach, dressed as Debe Dalton

Vin, a musicalized poem by Bernard King, dressed as Vin

Eric Wolfson, a song by Elizabeth Devlin, dressed as Eric Wolfson

Torn Curtain, Cemetery Song by David Greenberg, dressed as Adam Green (?)

Becca Hasselbrook, Try Try Try Anyway by Andrew Duncan, Dressed as (can't remember-I think as herself)

Nick, Your Sweet Love is Gonna be the Best of Me (who was this by?), dressed as Nick

Stacy Rock, Death is the Charm of Your Love (?) by Dan Penta

Mike Baglivi, Bob Dylan's an Asshole, by Crabs on Banjo, dressed as Ben Krieger (Brian Speaker jumped on stage in impromptu fashion to contribute some of his original part to Mike's rendition).

Elizabeth Devlin

Isaac Gillespie, Bootsy Billade, by Ben Shepherd, dressed as Justin Timberwolf

Crabs on Banjo, You Look Good to Me by Frank Hoier

The night also included difficult horror-related trivia questions posed by Ben Krieger.

The I Boo show was followed by sets from The Everybody Knows (Dan Penta, Erin Regan, Vin Cacchione, et al), Jason Trachtenburg, and Stacy Rock.


  1. I think Torn Curtain was dressed as the guy from The Royal Tenenbaums. It was an awesome night! - Bee K

  2. Yes, Torn was dressed as the guy from the Royal Tenenbaums whose name escapes me.

    Some corrections/clarifications to the post:

    Eli Maniscalco played Dan Costello's "Poison" dressed as Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes). I forgot to say I was Calvin when I was onstage.

    Becca Hasselbrook played Andrew Duncan's "The Voice Within" dressed as Susie Derkins (from Calvin and Hobbes).

  3. Thanks for filling in the details!