Thursday, September 25, 2008

Setpember 24, 2008 Goodbye Blue Monday

Elastic No-No Band played Goodbye Blue Monday last night for Justin's birthday show.

Toby Goodshank was mic-checking when I arrived. He and Justin got together for a couple songs at the end of his set.. As a last minute attraction a friend of a friend of Justin, performed African dance in what appeared to be authentic attire. The dancer performed a rather remarkably energetic set considering that he was confined to a very tiny area on stage. The Telethons seemed a little low key--for them--but that was still way more energetic than the rest of us ever get. I love their Bird Watching song, which was sung with Deborah T. I also requested Fight Club. Justin performed at the end with The Telethons too. The Elastic set was pretty upbeat and rockin. At one point I looked over and Justin had his shirt off, which was the first time I've seen him make that powerful statement. The house was up on their feet dancing at the end. Lots of good energy. In the crowd: Joe Crow Ryan, Deenah Moffie, Susan Hwang, Julie Lamendola, Deborah T....lots of Justin's friends. Thanks to Justin's mom for the cookies and also to whoever made the cupcakes. The ride home was miserable. Four subways and a shuttle bus.

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