Monday, March 22, 2010

3-21-2010 Debutante Hour CD Release Show

I've written any number of times about how much I enjoy the shows put on by my pals The Debutante Hour, so it would be redundant of me to go on at length about their great vocal harmonies, strong songwriting, charm, wit, coordinated outfits, and good looks. But, I must report the truth. The Debutantes put on a thoroughly entertaining show at Mercury Lounge Sunday night, at the CD release show of their album "The Birth and Death of Meaning." The trio was in fine form, performing songs that are mostly part of their regular set, but throughout the night the pieces were supplemented by other musicians, most of whom played on the record. So, trumpet, violin, clarinet, extra percusssion (by Nan Turner) etc, were featured in songs like Devil Song, Croak Hiss and Sputter, and others. During Miracle Birth, the Debutante Hour's crack Cigarette Girl and her assistants gave birth to the new cd by sliding them in succession down a red banner (they were then hawked by the pillbox wearing cigarette girl through the crowd). There also was a performance in Spanish by Dan and Danny in matching black bow ties and vests. The Debutantes performed their cover of No Scrub and finished off with an upbeat Ukranian song. Schwervon opened with a fine set. Matt looked a bit like Andre Agassi with his Schwervon headband. A splendid time was had by all.

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